Easy grace of my sister

I started this painting about four years ago when I had just moved to California.  Homesick for Hawaii, my inspiration was my sister, Cori. I had this initial vision of a fun, '80's style painting.  She always reminds me of a Nagel girl, and I had an AC/DC song I once performed to ("You Shook Me All Night Long") to further set the mood.

The top image is the first version.  It captures the easy grace of my sister at eighteen - tall, stunning, and always confident.  It was hard not to feel insignificant around her.  It remained this way until this past spring; another move cross country, this time to Connecticut.  Again, I felt like my heart had broken open. Looking at the work with new perspective, it felt too shallow.  This time, I was able to dig deeper and be more raw about the way I feel about her/me.  How much I care and depend on her.  How challenging it sometimes is - being around someone who knows the best and worst of you.  How when we were kids, my greatest fear was that something would happen to her.  And everything complicated I feel about us getting older... Dramatic life changes have tested us, leaving their scars and marks, but ultimately our relationship is one of my most cherished, and this painting is one of my favorite works ever.

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