These paintings are self-portraits. They expose obsessive ruminations on identity, memory, and desire.

The animals are enveloped in shallow fields of intense color.  Fragmented images from Japanese anime and retro icons are reflective of 1970’s Hawaii’s tv and nostalgia.  A solitary childhood was spent creating sticker and scrapbook albums – bringing inner narratives to life on the pages.  Pop culture, with it’s diversions, and bright, cheerful colors, was a welcome escape from an ever changing home life.

As with my adolescent journals, I work from hoarded photographs, and ripped out pages from favorite magazines.  Images are added and subtracted, reconsidered, and painted back.  Lyrics from favorite songs play on repeat as I work.  A new mark can point the canvas in an entirely different direction. With it’s constant reworking, a painting can take years to complete.

For inspiration, I look towards Francis Bacon, Frida Kahlo, the Beastie Boys, and Harajuku girls.

The subjects, colors and textures combine to reveal an agitated, dreamlike state. Disparate images have been reconciled, and I have created a redemptive world that is simultaneously buoyant and brutal. Yet, the paintings remain dense and layered, with secrets and narratives that lurk beneath the outer façade.